Flexible Game Options

Unlike other manufacturer’s products, LiteStorm is not constrained to just pre-programmed game types. Using a combination of pre-programmed games and customisable game options, practically unlimited variations are available, ensuring customers experience the best Laser Tag operators can offer.

Pre-programmed games include solo matches, team games, “infection” and “last man standing”, among others. Phasers can be set up at the touch of a button, by selecting the game and duration, ensuring minimal game edits on the go.

Custom games can be pre-determined or set up right before the game starts, giving operators the flexibility to change games based on customer ability or other factors. Perfect for creating more complex scenarios, the game software can set duration, game type, lives, shots and more.

TouchStarters: programmed using a TouchStarter Programming Kit, all game set-ups are programmed into the key fob style TouchStarter which is used to manually start the phasers through a contact point. Ideal for setting up scenarios and games in advance, TouchStarters are fully mobile and don’t require a computer once they have been programmed.

Computer Software: used to programme the phasers right before the game begins, game set-ups can be saved in advance and edited as needed, giving you complete, real-time, customised game types. Programming the phasers remotely means they all start within a few seconds and players can already be distributed when they start up.