Charge and Storage Stand

Eliminating the need for awkward, fragile cables, our cableless charge rack stands at an ergonomic height; perfect for operators to slot phasers into without awkward bending or manoeuvring. Ideal for easy charging, quick turnarounds and simple convenience, it gives operators the professional flexibility they need.

Hangar51 equipment has always prided itself on its built-in diagnostic systems to help maintain its quality operation and LiteStorm takes this a step further. Each phaser will report its battery status and will alert operators when they need charging, giving you ample warning to ensure you’re offering the maximum number of phasers to customers you can.

All software and even the phasers are self-updating when connected to the Internet, ensuring operators are kept up-to-date without having to ship equipment back to the manufacturer. Along with this self-updating, internal fault logs can be uploaded to our support centre so we can check the status of your phasers, catching any issues before they become troublesome or finding the exact fault cutting down on repair costs and times.