Computer Software

Created by operators and the original system designers, our powerful computer software is capable of supporting multiple features enabling centres to run LiteStorm with ease and simplicity.

Along with remotely controlling the game and phasers, the computer software supports other features such as leader boards, player names, saved game scenarios, real-time phaser statuses and more.

Leader Boards: Display scores via the internet, over a local network or on the game software computer itself. Have each phaser in play ranked, with score and name, or just a selection, at the click of a button.

Player Names: Program each phaser with a completely customisable, player chosen name. Perfect for parties, names are easy to program even while a game is running.

Saved Game Scenarios: Add custom games to the computer software and save them for future use, then edit them without having being required to make permanent changes.

Real-time Phaser Statuses: See the current state of phasers remotely, including team colour, score and basic operating status.